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Our Program will get you completely out of debt within 24-48 months. Additionally, your payments will be lower than the minimums you likely pay now. Credit card companies can legally charge interest rates from 7-10% to 25-30% for any reason, leaving hard-working individuals in financial distress. These high-interest rates prevent investment in businesses, retirement plans, and basic family needs.

If you are struggling and/or have high interest rate credit card debt that you wish to consolidate, please call Pacific Associates today at 949-250-6700. We work with all major credit card companies and can eliminate these high interest rate credit cards to get you back on track. Call or click on the “Get A Quote” button to get a free quote today. We are proud to maintain an A+ Rating with the BBB for over 20 years.

Client Feedback

I want to thank everyone at Pacific Associates for their help and service over the last three and a half years of working with me to get debt free credit card charges. Everyone had been very upfront and helpful from the start. Will recommend them to anyone in credit card or loan distress. Thank you Pacific Associates. — Tony D. (Client) BBB
Pacific Associates and their amazing, knowledgeable team was extremely helpful in getting me on the right track with my debt. I was a basket case emotionally, not knowing what to do and never having debt of any kind. The team supported me in all aspects of the process to even consider debt consolidation. I highly recommend this company and I am grateful for their help and service. — Ann M. (Client) BBB
I had one basic question that required an answer due to an unexpected loss of my wife’s income, I did not make enough to get by without destroying my credit. Pacific Associates Corporation answered my prayers and eased my frustration. I have enormous respect for Mr. Roger and Mr. Shain respectively who provided a true plan to recover my life under my current circumstances. I have to admit, I have not seen this type of customer service in a long time. Both provided exceptional customer service that involved understanding my problem, providing a plan of action that went beyond my expectations, always showed respect, and consistently interacted with me via email and telephone. [...] I thought I would lose everything but they delivered their skills and abilities and enabled me to overcome my obstacles. — Eddie B. (Client) BBB

Why Choose Pacific Associates?

You’ll Say Goodbye to High Interest Rates

Our debt assistance program offers relief to high interest rate credit card debt.

We Provide Help When You Need it The Most

Our client service team is here for you 24/7. We’ll help you get back up onto your feet.

Customer Satisfaction Gauranteed

We genuinely care about our clients. We promise the best customer service and care.